EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Mending the gender gap in coding

I have never thought about why a computer turns on when I hit the power button or how my phone unlocks with the look of my face but I have always wanted to learn how technology works the way it does. Since I was little I have seen the incredible ways technology has evolved into an amazing tool which can help us do many things. The technology world is heavily dominated by men and this is why I have decided to take it upon myself to learn how to code as a woman to mend the gender gap.

The Girls Who Code website offered many beginner activities which I have enjoyed exploring! It is so cool to have a free online resource created by many talented women from all over the world with one common goal which is to get more females involved in the world of coding and technology. I have enjoyed learning about these incredible women and the work they have done.

I am excited to continue to explore this site and start my coding journey!


  • Jorden Robitaille

    Great job decreasing the gender gap! One could almost argue this will be an essential basic trade for most in the future. Maybe even in highschools? Good luck to you!

  • Jerico

    So excited to see where you go with this project! I’ve linked a website that is great for coding in many different types of computer languages if you don’t want to download an actual IDE for the language. The website also has a bunch of other people’s projects that you can browse!


  • Sunaina batra

    Hi Laura, good luck with this #learningproject!
    and for me, coding is something that I consider one of the most difficult things. It would be great to follow along with your journey.

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