EDTC 300,  Learning Project

If this… else what?!

This week I have been exploring a new site called Replit! Replit is a free online coding website designed to be interactive and fun which I found to be super cool. I started a daily challenge where every day I can map out what I have learned called “100 Days of Code”. The daily challenges are intended to do one challenge a day (for 100 days) but it is like a game and I got to day 5 on my first go! The challenges are displayed in a way which reminds me of playing Candy Crush… if Candy Crush swapped out the candy for codes. My goal is to finish the 100 Days of Code by the end of the semester.

The first challenge was teaching how to print words to be displayed using a coding language called Python, which was the only thing I knew how to code prior, so it made me feel more confident proceeding with coding journey. There is so much (in even just the 5 challenges) I have learned that helped me understand the basics on how to communicate with technologies. Even the basics of coding have a huge impact on understanding the technologies we use every day! For example, anĀ  If Statement is telling your technology that if something is true, then do a specific task. So, if I click the “on” button, then turn on. If Statements are essential to algorithms, which personally I never understood what an algorithm really was until now.

If I keep coding, then I wonder about the many opportunities to unfold. ?

Many people in my life would agree that I am always up for a little competition so with that being said, if anyone wants to learn coding by joining Replits daily coding challenges, we can compete by clicking the link:

Click here if you’re up for a challenge


  • Ava Viczko

    This looks like so much fun! My current math classes are heavily used in computer science, so it’s so cool to see how that applies to what you’re learning here. In high school, we used a website called Scratch to “code” mini-games, but that was the extent of my learning haha. As someone who knows nothing about coding, what are the uses or reasons to learn coding that you’ve discovered so far?

    • Laura Githegi

      I heard that Scratch is a good resource, Im definitely going to be checking it out!

      The reason I want to learn coding is because I wanted to understand why and how technologies work the ways they do, just out of curiosity. Kids nowadays have way more resources than I did growing up to learn coding and I would like to hop on the trend.

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