EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Coding a work of (Pixil)art

For my next learning project I wanted to take a look at the more artistic side of coding and how technology is used to create animations.

A GIF also known as a Graphic Interchange Format is a bitmap image where essentially has a bunch of still frames to create a moving picture. For my first GIF I used a site called Pixilart as a resource to continue my coding journey. Pixilart is a free online website which allows you to make GIFs. The site does not require an account but you can choose to make one if you’d like, for my first GIF I didn’t feel it was necessary to make an account. I started with an idea of what I wanted to create and I wanted to grow with my learning project so I though it would be fitting to make a flower growing. Pixilart lets you choose the side your GIF will be by using pixels to count the width and height, for mine I chose to make my GIF 100 by 100. I used 30 frames with a 100ms frame speed to create my image. Every frame was copied so I could make slight changes to the previous frame rather than redoing each frame, it made the process of GIF making a lot easier this way.

I will definitely be using Pixilart again in the future to hopefully make more detailed and complex GIFs. I am not super artist so I hope that this site will help my understand the more artistic side to coding. Here is a look at my first GIF!


  • Jean-Paul Kamdem

    Hi Laura,

    I love the idea that you have in creating a moving picture. The information you provided regarding the resource Pixilart are interesting. However, I feel like it is missing in your post how the teacher can use this Graphic Interface Format in his classroom. Great job!.

  • kad563

    Hey Laura,

    This is so cool! I didn’t know you were able to make GIF like this. This would be a good way to teach coding in the classroom. Thanks for sharing

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