EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Challenge accepted: Scratch edition

My Scratch project!

Here is the code I used to make the dinosaurs move between their costumes:

Here is the code I used to make the sun change colours:

I have used Scratch as a resource in one of my previous learning project posts! The last time I used Scratch I followed a tutorial that Scratch had provided, this time around I wanted to challenge myself to code on this site on my own ? When I heard that we were going to be using Scratch I got really excited to explore Scratch more and learn from others. This was a super fun mini project that also helped me with my learning project since I chose coding as my subject for my #EDTC300 learning project. In my last post, I spoke about how practice makes perfect and I think by continuing to use Scratch my coding skills did improve!

Using Scratch in classrooms would be beneficial for all age ranges since you can either make a super simple project like I did or make a more complex project. It is also beneficial since we are able to integrate Scratch into any subject areas, not just computer science. It is also super nice that Scratch provides Educator guide resources which I have saved and hope to use more in the future and share with others!

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