EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Coding a work of (Pixil)art: Part II

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For this weeks Learning Project I wanted to practice a further understanding of how to create GIFs using Pixilart. I wanted to create something spooky/on theme for Halloween week. Last time I used Pixilart I created frames where I went from an empty pot with nothing in the pot to having a flower grow. This time around I wanted to try creating an image move around rather than be stationary, so I made a pumpkin roaming around the screen. For this GIF I used 20 frames at a frame speed of 75ms.

I am a firm believer of practice makes perfect so I wanted to continue my GIF creation journey. I found that this time around I felt more comfortable navigating this Pixilart website.

I think Pixilart is a good resource for students and educators to explore for multiple reasons:

  1. Pixilart is a zero cost online resource
  2. Has an online community/network to share your GIFs
  3. Introduces basics computer science and coding and provides step by step basic instructions
  4. Provides STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) content
  5. Promotes a technology-based future that encourages programming

I hope to continue to perfect my understanding on creating GIFs and share what I know with others, including my future students and faculty. Lets hope that practice really does make perfect!

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  • Jean-Paul Kamdem

    Hello Laura,

    I am glad to see that you continue with Pixilart to create GIFs. In fact, based on your comments, it appears that Pixilart can be a very good resource not only for teachers, but also for parents guidance. What are you planning to post next time ?

    • Laura Githegi

      I am hoping to explore the hardware side of coding next! I been focusing a ton on the software and would like to keep challenging myself.

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