Final Networked Learning Post: Contributing to the Learning of Others

Throughout the semester having the chance to interact with classmates and peers outside of the Zoom, classroom has been beneficial and allowed me to learn new concepts and answer questions I had in my head. At first, it was difficult to balance communication on the different platforms, although as time in the semester passed by I looked forward to each week and reading what different points my friends had to offer. Of the different platforms used in class, many of them were new and served as a great learning experience. I had used Discord within High School but was not very familiar with the platform outside of this. Twitter was a new experience for me. When starting I was nervous yet after having the chance to interact with others and expand my PLN it was enjoyable. Finally blogging,it was great to hear what your peers are working on and having the chance to display your support.

Similar to fellow classmates, I believe a Slideshow on Google Slides will allow me to highlight different photos and comments throughout the semester in Discord, Twitter, and Blogging.

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