Upon viewing YouTube videos, What Teachers can learn from YouTubers about Engaging Students online and Make Super Simple Videos for Teaching Online quickly realized that nearly anybody could create a video about teaching or any other topic. But we hardly take the lead; instead, we continuously put things off by worrying too much about how I will appear. What will the public say? How am I going to balance my academics and work? What happens if I later
run out of video ideas? I don’t have the newest iPhone or a camera to take better photos, and I
don’t have any additional useful accessories.
Teaching kindergarten pupils “letters and sounds” was the focus of my Addie Model lesson plan.
I had the chance to teach online during COVID-19, and that’s when I realized that lesson
planning, activity planning, and learning new pedagogies were a little less difficult than making
kindergarten students watch those instructional videos and sit through a long Zoom class
online. They are too young for this, that’s the reason. When it comes to online learning, most
students are uninterested in and unwilling to view instructional films, even though they have
unlimited access to cartoons and other amusing media.
My current goal is to make kindergarten kid’s learning experiences engaging and dynamic, thus
for all the reasons listed below, I will be utilizing Seesaw in my instruction.
1. Seesaw is available for use by parents, instructors, and kids. Seesaw allowed parents to
monitor their children’s academic progress and stay updated on what was happening in the
2. Teachers can take pictures, make videos, and publish them to Seesaw. These can relate to the
class’s current activities, forthcoming projects, or lesson plans.
3. Teachers can post preview videos and images of the next class activities ahead of time for
students to view before class in order to help them get ready for them.

4.Easy, engaging exercises can be planned and created by teachers for their students.
5. In my view, students frequently become disinterested in practicing, such as when it comes to
repeating activities like watching recorded videos, reading the same book, or listening to the
teacher. However, teachers can employ engaging exercises and a variety of activities to review the
same material with Seesaw’s assistance. It helps teachers solidify their fundamentals while also
breaking up the routine.