Since I have never worked as a teacher in Canada, the curricula and methods of instruction differ greatly from those in my native nation. Many of the teachers on this site have blogs, and while I learn a lot from them, I also feel overwhelmed when I realize that I also have to create something similar. Only Zoom was utilized to give courses to students in grades kindergarten through twelve in my own country during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, I find that making activities on different applications by utilizing different features can be a little difficult and time-consuming for me.

But now I’m here to improve my abilities. To help kindergarten students strengthen their fundamentals and read more fluently, my course prototype teaches them “letters and sounds”. This will also make learning new material easier for them.

I’ll utilize the first two exercises to build on and examine their letter recognition.

Lumi Activity #1

Lumi Activity #2

Next, to teach them phonetics, I have attached a YouTube video. The YouTube video isn’t interactive because this lesson plan is meant for pupils in the 3–6 age range. Being novices, they are currently unable to read..

YouTube Video

In addition, H5P offers the opportunity to create a “speak the words” exercise Lumi Activity #3. In this activity, students can speak and review their responses. However, It doesn’t react to one or two-word sounds because of a technological error. Subsequently, I organized to drill letters and sounds exclusively in class. I can instruct them face-to-face, observe, mentor, and administer formative and summative assessments.