About me

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Maya Rosenberg and I’m a students at the bachelors of elementary education with University of Regina and Yukon University, at a collaborated degree program called YNTEP. I am also an art teacher. In the picture (taken a while ago at a fun photoshoot project with Kuntz, a super talented photographer) you can see my natural state – trying to balance school and work and making an artsy mess in the process!

Credit of Christian Kuntz photography

My story

How did I get into education? I’ll start with telling you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Israel, and immigrated to Canada almost a decade ago. I’ve traveled across Europe, the states, was a part of a circus community in New York, got immersed in visual arts schools and then decided to change directions to arts education and experiential education. I discovered a passion to learn more as well as teach in an inclusive way that engages students in creativity and colorful ways, helping them not only learn but also learning how they learn best and what sparks their light. My first language is Hebrew, my second is English, and my favorite language is arts.

The more I traveled the more I leaned I love arts and education. Arts and education are such a vital part of every community I ever lived at. I run a local visual arts business called “Art by Maya” where I sell art and and teach acrylics, watercolors and mixed media with local studios and programs in and out of schools. Here is a link to my art at home activities if you ever need some colors! It tends to get less updates around mid terms and finals but has some activities for the young at age and heart!

Here is also a link to my twitter account where I share some thoughts and ideas!

Even though I changed my climate from + 40 to – 40, I still live and breath the same inspiration that often comes from landscapes, mountains and water. I love taking my students outside the classroom when we can, and learning science on the land, arts in the studio, and gym in the trails. I love teaching math and science and showing the kiddos how they can be smart and creative all at once.

I will finish with a happy outdoors moment above and would love to hear more about you too! Feel free to comment, reach out or share what sparks your light!

Colorfully yours,

Maya Rosenberg