My Teaching Philosophy

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” I am still learning “

Michelangelo at age 87

My teaching philosophy is student-centered and inspired by an ongoing learning journey. The goal of education in my perspective is to inspire and support student’s skills development, values, and knowledge to implement their own potential, and have a positive impact on their own life as well as in their community. Focusing on student-centered education, experiential learning, balance and flexibility, to best meet the students’ needs and create safe and positive learning experiences.  I believe in using culturally relevant and place-based education to connect our class with our community, and prioritize creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

I believe the teacher’s role is to create a safe classroom space through effective classroom management, by management behavior (clear communication, instruction and expectations, proportional response, routines, clear transitions, soft start, art is on the walls to encourage accomplishment and proud feelings, etc.). Inspired by Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, I believe the teacher needs to establish a classroom environment that enables a few separate spaces to learn in different ways and have a physical space that supports our learning goals. The teacher can establish first how we can meet the students’ needs according Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and show students they are cared for and invested in, and make them feel safe, supported, and challenged, not just receive knowledge, but expend their understanding, implication, and creating a new ideas with the skills they acquired. I am aiming to create increased engagement through experiential learning and cross curricular arts education, both collectively and individually