In my Advanced ELA 20 class, I implemented an exciting project that involved having students create a playlist for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland using Canva. The goal was to immerse the students in the world of the novel while simultaneously fostering their digital citizenship skills.

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On day one, I introduced the concept of curating a playlist that captured the essence and themes of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I encouraged the students to think deeply about the characters, settings, and plot, guiding them to select songs that connected with these elements. This exercise not only fostered their creativity but also required them to conduct research and explore a wide range of music genres and artists, thus enhancing their digital literacy skills.

Canva was the obvious platform as it is perfect for bringing their playlists to life. Through Canva, they learned how to navigate various features, such as selecting suitable templates, incorporating images that reflect aspects of the novel, and customizing text to convey their desired messages. This not only nurtured their artistic abilities but also introduced them to the concept of visual communication, emphasizing the importance of aesthetics and design principles.

Beyond the artistic components, this project provided an opportunity to address important aspects of digital citizenship. As the students engaged with music and imagery, we explored the ethical considerations associated with copyright and intellectual property. The students developed an understanding of fair use and the impact of their digital creations on others. Moreover, this project prompted broader conversations on digital citizenship and responsible online behavior. We explored the notion of creating and promoting positive and inclusive content, focusing on the impact of our online presence. Students were encouraged to consider their digital footprints, reflecting on the potential consequences of their actions and choices in the digital realm. Through this exploration, they developed critical thinking skills and a heightened awareness of their roles as responsible digital citizens.

Overall, integrating Canva into the creation of a playlist for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland proved to be an enriching and multifaceted project. It not only allowed the students to engage with literature in a contemporary and interactive manner but also fostered the development of crucial digital literacy and digital citizenship skills. By curating playlists that showcased their creativity, while respecting copyright and promoting responsible online behavior, the students emerged as mindful, responsible, and ethical participants in the digital world.

Example from ELA 20AD

Want to use this idea in your own classroom? Perfect! It connects to the following ELA 20 outcomes in the province of Saskatchewan:

  • CR 20.4: Read and demonstrate comprehension and appreciation of grade-appropriate informational (including instructions and procedural texts) and literary (including fiction, nonfiction, script, poetry, and essays) First Nations, Métis, Saskatchewan, Canadian, and international texts.
  • CC 20.4: Create a variety of written informational (including an essay of explanation of a process, an application letter and résumé, and an argumentative or a persuasive essay) and literary (including a reflective or personal essay and an analysis of a literary text) communications.