To review, my chosen course profile is on the ELA A30 course. Within the course, the Canadian Perspectives: Celebrate the Glorious, Acknowledge the Scandalous is the unit of study. I have developed a UBD unit outline for this mini unit within the very large and extensive unit of study that takes approximately half of the semester. I am using Google Classroom for my blended course. Since my school division doesn’t allow users to join outside of the division, I have posted a video in this post to share my classroom with you.

Book version that I have in my classroom

The module that I created focuses on Canada’s mistreatment of the Indigenous population in both past and present. This will be done through the study and analysis of “Inconvenient Skin” by Shane Koyczan. This introduces several events from Canada’s history with the first lines, which imply that even 150 years is not enough time to heal the wounds of the past or to right the wrongs of past decision makers. The lesson introduces the content through a video, but I also have a written version, which includes some powerful visuals which will come up later in the unit. It then has students working through the lesson through answering questions and sharing ideas on Quizzizz and then in-class discussion can also take place. Students will be asked to then analyze the poem using Padlet as a forum.

I have outlined the module more clearly here.

I have created a video to introduce my Google Classroom:

This is a video to go through my module:

If you have any comments or questions, let me know!