EDTC 300

Cybersleuthing 101

I thought I was pretty savy when it comes to cybersleuthing people so I was excited for the task this week to cybersleuth a partner. However, Taylor Derbowka is sneaky on the internet.

Typically when I am searching for people online I do the following:

  • Search name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc.
  • Check for mutual friends with the person to find info on friends accounts.
  • Read comments and captions on some of the simplest photos.
  • Search through accounts I think they might follow to locate socials.

I tried all of these things but didn’t come out with much information. I found Taylor’s current and old blog from a google search. Plus some photos that had been on the blog under google images. I could not find a facebook or Instagram by searching “Taylor Derbowka” but I did find a facebook page and TikTok account when I searched for the discord username that was available to me. The pages are kept private very well with selective information shared.

After searching and searching for information and didn’t find much I thought I would reflect on what Taylor has done well to have a professional online identity.

  • Uses different last name for social platforms.
  • Private accounts.
  • Appropriate profile pictures that are public.
  • Building a professional online blog.

I’m going to adopt some of these things to create a better digital identity for myself.

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