“Nothing worth doing is ever easy”

“Nothing worth doing is ever easy”

Welp, I did it. I completed step one of my learning plan. That is, I retrieved the sewing machine from its home in the corner of the closet.

Sewing machine buried under a bunch of other random closet items. No, you can’t see it.

And then, I took it one step further – I took the machine out of the box.

That’s enough for one day. But seriously, just doing this helped me to solidify a better plan. Because until I opened the box, I really had no idea what I was working with. So, here is my plan!

  1. I will research online if I am able to find and purchase the materials/pieces I need to use the make and model of this machine. If not, I may have to take this learning project in a different direction, but fingers crossed it is possible.
  2. I will read the manual with the machine in front of me and order/collect any parts/materials I’ll need.
  3. I will search for video tutorials to help me get started with the basics. I anticipate that even after reading the instruction manual, I’ll need a video visual. The lingo will probably be way over my head. Bobbin? Spool?
  4. Practice different stitches on scrap pieces!

After I am comfortable at step 4, I will look for a simple pattern I can follow to sew… something more than just a square of fabric. I’ll also make sure to ask my g-ma for help along the way. I’m sure she’ll appreciate me involving her in the process. I think she’ll be pretty excited when she finds out that I’m giving this a go.

5 thoughts on ““Nothing worth doing is ever easy”

  1. Christina, you got this. The first step is just bringing out the machine. I actually laughed out loud at the caption under your first picture. “No, you can’t see it.” In fact, all your captions are hilarious. What an joy this was to read. I really do admire you for taking this on. I look forward to watching you learn and develop this skill – and so will your grandma. 🙂

  2. I appreciate that you documented the first few steps…honestly digging out the things you need sometimes is the hardest part. It seems like you have a reasonable plan moving forward! I like that you can consult online sources but also have your grandma to chat with if things get a bit too difficult. I’m excited to see the types of videos you find about sewing on those machines haha. Good luck with your next step!

  3. Christine, I really enjoyed your post. Actually, I had already told you in my previous comments, that I have no idea about sewing. But, you have cleared my doubts about Which brand is good to go for purchasing a sewing machine. I like the name of the brand “Singer”. Even though, I like further plans for working with it that provides me an opportunity to learn more about it. Excited to learn more.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hahaha I also laughed at the “No, you can’t see it” comment. So so relateable. And honestly, it’s ridiculous that the first step is the most painful, but so often it is!! It’s like pulling off the bandaid… just gotta do it, and then you can get going. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this — it has been something I have wanted to try as well!

  5. Christine, I loved how honest you were in this post. As well as funny. Good luck with your sewing project. I look forward to following along on your journey.

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