ADDIE Model Template & Course Overview

ADDIE Model Template & Course Overview

After much deliberation, I finally settled on creating a blended course for grade 7 math, focusing on fractions, decimals and percent. As someone who loved the traditional direct instruction, drill and practice math growing up, it is difficult for me to venture to the more abstract, problem-based methods of math learning, but I figure this is as good an opportunity as any to broaden my horizons. Oh, and I’m gonna give Canvas a whirl while I’m at it, too.

ADDIE Model Template

Course Overview

2 thoughts on “ADDIE Model Template & Course Overview

  1. Hi Christina,

    I really like your approach to this. While I also grew up with the repetitive drills and they worked well for me, that approach did not work well for my kids. They eventually memorized a bunch of things but had a lot of difficulty applying what they had learned. The problem-solving method, with your formative assessments and games, should really help the students. The online approach should also be helpful for those who need additional support, especially when language, lack of foundational skills, and absenteeism are issues. And kudos for attempting to use Canvas – it looks great! Hopefully it will be user friendly.

  2. I love the idea of introducing a unit with an inquiry based task. As a math teacher in high school I often struggle to get my students excited about the course material (shockingly, it is not beloved by all) and starting with a question is always better than a review of key terms. I also appreciate that your course has a focus on face-to-face instruction supported by an online component. While face-to-face isn’t inherently superior, it is what many of us are familiar with, and it seems natural to build out from areas of strength.

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