THE Summary of Learning

CHALLENGE: Comb over three months, get it down to as close to 5 minutes as possible

Not necessarily an easy task. I know that I did not do justice to all of the content, presenters, Dr. Couros, and the great work of all of my EC&I 832 classmates.

In no particular order, here are some aspects of this activity that I really enjoyed:

  • review of the content – so many interesting and important things to consider;
  • readjusting my lens – how I view the use of technology as an educational leader, and as a person;
  • self-reflection on how elements of this class will make its way into my daily work;
  • in using TikTok to create my summary, I was able to practice and build competence and comfort with one of the tools that is the subject of my major project
  • I did it!

My Summary of Learning via Twitter:

EC&I 832 MIHALICZ Summary of Learning

I’m excited to see what my classmates have put together for their summaries!

9 thoughts on “THE Summary of Learning

  1. You did a great job summarizing what you learned and what we covered in the course. I like how you used some TikTok features, even though I am not in the know about it all. I think you have a pretty strong radio voice too. Maybe that’s something to look into? Fiverr? Doing voice recordings for people for money! Hahah. But seriously. Great job!

  2. Bart, you ended up using TikTok!! I’m so glad you stuck with it. As what Kelly said- you do have a radio voice (or an intercom voice lol). Great job testing out the features of TikTok. Was this your first video?

    1. Yes Leah, this was my first venture with it. It took a whole Sunday of trying out different features and recording, but I think it was worth it. Definitely an amateur production.

  3. Thanks Kelly. I certainly was not in the know about TikTok prior to this class, and I am still not sure if I am now, but I learned a lot about the app just by playing around with it. This project also came in handy for my major project. Voice and face for radio!

  4. Hi Bart! Great Summary of Learning. I have been reading your blogs and following your journey with using TikTok through the semester. This turned out great and it appears that you really dove in to the app by testing out the various features. I think it turned out great. I like the depth that you covered in your TikTok – from the meaning of MEDIA LITERACY to The Medium is the Message to the Digital Divide and equitable access. Well done!

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