THE EC&I 833 Summary of Learning

For my Summary of Learning, I went with something that I have not done yet in my Masters journey… a podcast. With the help of Prairiesouth Learning Consultant and resident podcast guru, Mr. Logan Petlak, I share my thoughts on my learning experience for EC&I 833.

This was a really cool experience, tapping into something that I am not familiar with, other than listening to podcasts now and then. We start out getting after the point of the Summary of Learning, with some direct references to class, but the conversation really flowed. That would be my takeaway from this individual experience – the ability to just sit down and talk is so natural. No wonder students do it during class!

Anyone really interested in giving it a listen, the meat of the summary is in the first 8 minutes. The podcast kind of got away on us and turned out to be quite a conversation!

My Summary of Learning podcast can be found here!

Home studio podcast interior. Microphone, laptop and on air lamp on the table, close-up
Photo by Alex from the Rock on Adobe Stock

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