Away We Go!

As I mentioned last week during our video introductions, EC&I 830 will be my third EdTech class, and second one with Dr. Alec Couros. Thanks to these classes, blogging and TikTok have become current hobbies of mine.

I find the subject of EdTech to be super interesting as a grad student, parent, and educator. The rapid change of technology has me fighting to remain current in my use and practices in the classroom, all in the name of preparing another group of students for a future that will undoubtedly look different than the present!

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Photo by Thor_Deichmann on Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Away We Go!

  1. Hey Bart! I am also working hard to stay current with all the technology we have available while choosing which technology to bring into the classroom that could enhance my students’ learning :). Super excited to be in another class with you this semester!

  2. Hello Bart, noticing how efficient you became after taking these courses of ED Tech inspires me more to get more relaxed dealing with technology in my classes. As you mentioned since i got to know Chat GPT, it is becoming kind of my hobby to check what ideas it is providing for various subjects 😉

  3. No doubt your skill spoke in class 🙂 It was my 1st class and I look forward to take other classes in the future for sure !

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