The need of ChatGPT….. Do we really need it???

I have came to know about ChatGPT recently. Well I was amazed. Coming from a third world country where we learn everything later, get everything mostly second hand, ChatGPT was kind of interesting. When I found out about it all I was thinking how many night’s sleep I have wasted working on lesson plan, if we had ChatGPT back in 2015 above my life would have been a piece of cheese cake (well my favorite kind). Then I was thinking I wish we had this ChatGPT back in my University days while I was doing my Honors degree back in 2008 and above…. I was trying to countdown how many evenings I have wasted studying, doing assignments and research work!!!

Then I started to thinking again why did not someone invented this amazing ChatGPT when I was in school!! The hundreds and thousand words essays, assignments, projects and what not…Could have been soo many days partying with friends and could have stress free life!!!

Then reality struck me! Now if school students start to turn in their essays? What are they gonna end up learning? Are going to even read once whatever Essays or assignments ChatGPT would present in front of them??? In Universities if students are doing everything on this technology are they going to learn something even?

Are we making our future generation smart or lazy?

I know use of technology is always double edged sword. It depends on WHO use it and HOW they use it. We need to make your future generation morally strong, need to have ethical studies or something similar in their courses too. We cannot stop new technology to get invented, this is how we progress right? But we can surely control the use of it.

Well ChatGPT makers are launching tools to detect AI-generated text we are finding the cure of the poison……

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