My Canva Journey

Learning, unlearning, and relearning

I have always fancied beautiful designs on cards I see on the Internet and threw my hats off to the brilliant minds behind them.

Graphic designs are like a perfect summer vacation in the Maldives: blue water, blue skies, yellow sun, beach sand, a symphony of contrasting colours, text, and amazing pictures.

So, I started my flex on designs using Canva.
Canva is an online graphic design tool used to create social media posts,

presentations, logos, and videos.

With over 250, 000 free templates and 610,000 paid templates, Canva offers you vast opportunities to try out different unique designs.

It is easy because all you have to do as a beginner is edit a template, add your flair, and

loading slideshow...

voilà, you have a pretty design.

You could also use it to prepare PowerPoints for classroom work.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation from Canva. I didn’t alter so much because I love the colours, fonts, and questions.


How I created my first Canva design.

I tried it out with my mobile phone, and the results were quite amazing. Here are the simple steps I followed:

I opened the Canva app.

Type in ‘educational’ in the template

search bar.

I searched and selected the template that best suited my idea; it was quite difficult because there were a lot of stunning templates. I finally settled on this template by education creator Jhudie Anne Learning Corner.


Then I decided to tweak the design a little to suit what I wanted.

To change an image or background all you need to do is select ‘Replace’ on the taskbar and it gives you options to select from your gallery or Canva gallery.

I chose an image from Canva’s gallery that best suits my design.


Then I changed the brown background colour to the little girl’s dress colour. Canva provides colour options for your image.


Next, it was time to change the text. I did that simply by highlighting the text I wanted to change: ‘Welcome Students’ and ‘Brocelle National High School’, and then I clicked on the ‘pencil icon’ and changed

my text.


And here is my final project (drum rolls)


Yeeey, I am so loving my Canva journey. I know it might get a little more tasking as I learn, and I am willing to sail through the storms, not to become a world-class graphic designer but a teacher with proficient graphic design skills that I can use in the classroom.
Hope you enjoyed my process as much as I did

To learn how to use Canva from scratch as a beginner, click on the link below.

Digital Tool For SAMR

In a quest to improve learning, concentration and participation, I found a digital book that was quite intriguing, it is called The Storyline Online.

The storyline online is a program of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, their stories feature celebrated actors, who read aloud alongside beautiful illustrations while maintaining the right tone and facial expressions. With this tool, the students can see the reader, learn vocabulary and enjoy the visual pleasure of illustration while they learn. The channel is available 24 hours for children, isn’t that great? All you have to do is subscribe,  you could also buy the book if you want. So I penned down some of the cool features of this tool.

Read aloud:  Seasoned actors who these kids might have heard about or seen get to play in character while they read the story. This is important in learning because reading aloud to children has proven to enhance their concentration,  logical thinking,  reading, writing and communication skills.

Illustrations: Children have short attention spans and, they could be easily bored by the actor’s voice no matter how resplendent it may sound, and so they incorporated colour animations that would keep the student’s attention going and strengthen their memory retention.

Teacher’s guide: Storyline Online has a comprehensive Teacher’s guide on each story (Isn’t that amazing) This guide leads the teacher through the entire story.

From objectives to materials needed to procedures and worksheet samples, it’s all free; all you need to do is download the PDF file, and there you go.

How to Use Storyline Online

There are two ways to access this tool: you could either go through their website or download the app.

For website

Click on this URL: . or type in Storyline online on your search engine.

You could either tap on any of the books to watch or select the three-bar icon on the home page to view ‘All books’, Awards, and subscribe.

Storyline online

For App

– Go to the Play store

– Search for Storyline Online

– Download

It’s pretty much the same procedure


Future woman with cyber technology eye panel concept New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It’s all about how people choose to use it. ~ David Wong.

As someone who is embracing the culture of technology in my everyday life, I couldn’t agree less with this statement. Technology in itself is fluid and can only be labelled as evil’ when used wrongly and good’ when used rightly.

Some days I find technology extremely helpful to have a productive day, from scheduling to daily routine tracking and ample information at my fingertips; it makes me sometimes wonder how slow and dark life would have been without it.

But, some days too, I get stuck with my phone, my eyes fixed like glue to that glowing screen, helplessly hooked to TikTok, so much so that I don’t hear my clock tick. This leaves me in a scuffle of juggling these things for a productive day. Here is how I do it:

Balance: I am learning to put the edge in and strike a balance by placing the right dose of routines at the right time. I have been able to do this by tracking my screen time by making the screen less appealing (grayscale mode). ( Switching off notifications from social apps that I find irresistible to ignore. Setting my phone timer to remind me how long I have spent on an app.

Priority: I start my day list with what is most important. I usually have a mental note of how my day should go the night before, what comes first, and what shouldn’t. It makes the next step easy.

Organization: I stay organized daily with these digital tools: Google Calendar, Sharepoint, and Outlook. They help me manage my coursework, assignments, and study schedules effectively. They also have features like shared calendars, task boards, and note-taking capabilities, which allow for a streamlined approach to managing tasks and deadlines.

My day-to-day digital tools and apps.
Here are my daily apps and websites that I use to maximize productivity.

For organizing and research:
Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling calendar service that helps me organize my activities and events. Click on this link to learn how to use a Google calendar effectively.

Outlook: I connect, organize, and get things done with my Outlook app. It brings my email, calendar, files, contacts, and office apps all into one place; it’s like a merger; it brings everything together. Outlook has web and app versions that you can install on your computer or mobile phone.

Sharepoint is a safe place to store, organize, and share information. I also use it for research.
Google and Chrome: I use these websites to research coursework and assignments.

Emails: Amazingly, I use my email to create a to-do list. I also share and receive coursework and study schedules via email.

For leisure:

WhatsApp: I turn in here to relax, catch up with the gist, and log off once my screen time is over. I also turned off the notification so I didn’t get distracted while studying.

TikTok is A double-edged app with informative content and engrossing entertainment too. I strongly adhere to my phone timer with this one, so I don’t lose it!
I haven’t gotten a perfect grip on technology and my daily routine, but I am sure that with consistency and discipline, I will establish a healthy relationship with technology.

About me

Who Am I?

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Sandra Vincent, an early childhood educator based in Saskatoon, looking to transition into teaching. I have a passion for Canadian teaching methods, which I find different from my previous experiences.

I am a curious individual with a strong desire for knowledge and a growing interest in digital education. Even though my experience with educational technology is relatively new, I am enthusiastic about exploring all the tools and resources that can enhance my learning. I created this space to share my journey toward integrating technology into education, I am pumped to connect with like-minded people!

Expect regular posts on my experiences, discoveries, and insights into the world of digital education, as well as personal stories and industry news. I’m excited to connect with like-minded individuals and start meaningful conversations.

Stay tuned for my latest posts! Feel free to explore, comment, and share your thoughts. Welcome aboard!

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