My first year in University, I had my first field experience in an elementary school in Regina. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, I was in a 7/8 spilt class and really loved the students and teachers that I was privileged enough to have worked with. Me and the other students that where placed with our co-operating teacher, got to plan a few assignments and got a little taste of what teaching is like. I especially liked the welcoming environment that the school had, the other teachers where very willing to help us whenever they could. For example, other teachers let us observe in their classrooms, gave us advice etc. I learned a lot in the 8 weeks that I went to this school, it gave me an idea of the life of a teacher.

Quotes from the stories from the field:

  • Week 2: “I really enjoyed talking to our cooperating teacher, he seems to know what he is doing and is willing to share it, and he seems to have a good relationship with his students.” He continued through the rest of the semester to do a really good job of giving us the best experience.
  • Week 4: “This week I was the most comfortable in the school that I have been so far. ” This was also the first day I walked down the hall and was greeted by every teacher I met, it was was such a small thing that made me feel welcome in the school.