In the course ECI 831, “Open Education and Social Media,” I learned a lot about open education, social media technologies, and the connection between social media and activism. I explored various open educational resources (OERs) which promote collaboration, accessibility, and innovation in education examining various social media platforms and tools that can be used for education was a big element of the course as well. I investigated, podcasts, microblogging sites like Twitter, and video-sharing sites like YouTube. I learned via this investigation how these tools can improve communication, encourage collaboration, and raise participation in educational contexts. The use of social media in activism was among the most interesting subjects we looked into. I studied the ways in which social media platforms have developed into effective tools for people and groups to spread knowledge, plan campaigns, and mobilize support for diverse social causes. I gained knowledge of the value of digital literacy, internet security, and moral issues when using social media for activism. Overall, ECI 831 gave me a thorough understanding of social media technologies, open education, and their potential to promote activism, information sharing, and collaboration in the digital age. I gained valuable knowledge and skills from the course that I can use to improve my teaching methods, interact with online communities, and have a good influence on the fields of education and social change. I want to thank you all for your help and the information I have gained from each of you.

Below is the summary of my journey in ECI831. I gained a lot of knowledge in this course and understood the part that social media can play in education. Thank you, Katia and my fellow classmates, you made this journey memorable. Hope you enjoy my video.