Bonfire Season is Here!

Pro Tips on Building the Perfect Campfire
This photo was taken from Ethan Shaw at RootsRated

My favourite time of the year is finally here and I could not be anymore excited! Summer is here after what seemed to be the longest winter EVER. There are so many things that I enjoy about summer but one of the things that is at the top of this list is having bonfires and cooking over an open flame.

With that being said, for this weeks learning project I decided to make one of our summer favourite, Bush Pies! This is one of my families recipes, like most of my Learning Project Posts but I googled recipes and found some that were very similar to how we make ours. The first one is from Lowell Strauss and the second one is from Taste of Home.

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Bush Pies have got to be one of the easiest things to make, especially when your camping. The ingredients that we used are the following:

  • 3 cans of pizza sauce
  • Half a block of shredded cheese
  • Ham
  • Pepperoni
  • Bread

It is THAT easy!

Step #1: Preparing

In the pictures above you will see that I cubed up the ham, pepperoni, and then shredded cheese and put it in a bowl. The great thing about Bush Pies is that you can add anything that you want to them. The one recipe I mentioned above added mushrooms and ground beef.

Step #2: Mixing

This is what everything looked like it was mixed up. Sometimes you might need to add more pizza sauce if it did not cover everything but that is a preference thing. As you can tell from the picture to the right, I like the pizza sauce to cover everything and to have a little bit extra.

Step #3: Cooking

This is the best step, sitting around the fire while cooking your food! For this step you need a fire and a Bush Pie maker. You take your two pieces of bread with one side of each buttered and put the one buttered side down on the maker. You then put your filling on it and place the other piece buttered side up. After that you close it and place it on the fire. Once it is on the fire you have to watch it carefully so it does not burn. If it does burn, fear not, it still tastes amazing.

Step #4: The Final Product

I somehow managed to perfect my first Bush Pie of the year! It came out golden, hot, and did not stick to my Bush Pie maker which is shocking. I tend to talk too much around the fire and forget about them and then they always are burnt… but not this time!

Bush Pies are so easy to make and are a tasty treat to eat. The pizza Bush Pies taste just like a pizza pop but almost a little bit better I think. The one thing about Bush Pies is that I am dying to try out an actual pie one. I found a recipe that uses a pie filling which replaces the pizza filling. I think that they would be a nice dessert after my pizza ones.

Thank you for tuning into this weeks Learning Project post. Drop in the comments if your family has their own recipes for the Bush Pie makers!


8 thoughts on “Bonfire Season is Here!

  1. Great Post.
    I loved seeing how you documented all the steps. We also make push pies in the summer as they are quick and easy like you said. Pizza filling is super good and we usually make dessert ones after with homemade apple, saskatoon berry, or strawberry rhubarb pie filling, definitely worth trying! Also, sometimes if we are really on the ball we will make breakfast ones in the morning with an omelet filling!
    Have you ever tried any other fillings?

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