Our Tree Fort

As the leaves start to turn colour and fall off of the trees, there is one thing that starts to become more noticeable in our yard, our tree fort. This tree fort has stood tall and strong in our backyard for about five years now and will go on to stand there for many years

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Reflection Post: StARTing with Strategies and Elements

Sequential Art & Graphic Novels: Creating with the Space in-between Pictures Tom Wolfe and Will Eisner shared the understanding that the stories being told before us through imagines and words combined, reflect the different ways that society knows the world. With that being said, they also anticipated that there would be a rise in the

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The Bin Yard

The Bin Yard is a place in which it can look the exact same and seem to never change from afar, but once you look at it closer and pay attention to the details of it all, it soon becomes unrecognizable. When you look at it from a distance you see circular, grey metal objects

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