EC&I 830 – Summary of Learning

Well this is it!! 10/10

My last assignment for my last Grad Class!! WHAT!?!? So bittersweet!

First off – I am a science teacher, so I have watched ALOT of Bill Nye in my day! So I thought I had to do a parody of his classic Science Guy ED videos! So Thank you Bill!

I tried to summarize as much of my learning from the class/readings as possible! Keeping in mind the time constraints!

I had to learn so much to make this video – it was a first! New things included:

  • How to work Adobe Spark (Creative Cloud?) – Thanks Daryl!
  • How to remove the background on photos
  • How to use my laptop to record videos (I used the laptop for all videos – so my apologies for the whacky sounds sometimes, I still haven’t figured that out!)
  • How to download gifs and turn them into mp4s
  • How to edit videos – I just used the “video editor” on my MS laptop

Special shout out and Big Thanks to Mike Wolf for agreeing to contribute to this video! He truly is a “Way Cool Techie” and very good at his job! Also to my two kids who also had parts in the video.

Please bear with me on the sound issues – but ENJOY!
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6 Responses to EC&I 830 – Summary of Learning

  1. Megan Henrion says:

    What a unique summary of learning! (I like how you used inspiration from Bill Nye). I love how you took the time to use the tech in your class to explain what you learned. You seemed to have spent a lot of time and work on this and it paid off!

  2. Kimberly Kipp says:

    Nicole: The Science Teach! All the way! Love it. Such a fun way to showcase all the great learning in this class. Your last class, and my first. Your students are so lucky to have such a fun, innovative advocate/teacher. Congrats, and best wishes on all your future endeavors.
    P.S. – I love the red “bowtie” 😉

    • Nicole Romanow says:

      Thank you Kim!!
      Best of luck to you and your adventures through grad classes! You will love it! Take care!

  3. Jenny Weinrauch says:

    Nicole! You did a very creative summary and hit all the relevant points. I absolutely loved the Bill Nye theme and very fitting for you as a science teacher. Doing things new is such an adventure and in your case it turned out fabulous. Congrats on completing your Masters! I also just completed and it is truly bittersweet.

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