My Second Piano Journey

I have always loved the piano. When I was younger I took lessons, however, at a young age, the want to be able to play piano was not the same as wanting to practice for. I was pulled out of lessons and the piano I begged my parents for began collecting dust. Everyone once in a while we would have a visitor who would play it, and every time I wished I was able to.

I thought this learning project would be a great time to pick up where I left off and learn to play some songs. As I sat down on the piano bench I quickly realized I remembered next to nothing and found a beginner piano lesson video on YouTube.

 As I watched this extremely helpful video I soon decided that not only did I want to play I wanted to learn how to read music as well. I continued to watch the second video and found them both very informative, and gave me a great positive start on my learning.

As I continue to learn I hope to lean on other online resources, including free places to get sheet music, and other videos explaining the piano playing process. 

4 thoughts on “My Second Piano Journey

  1. I LOVE playing the piano! This is such a great instrument to learn, I too took lessons when I was young and quit at age 10, but by that time I was lucky enough to know how to read music and sight-read while playing. This website ( has lots of sheet music that is free to access. It is not the original scores though, people make the sheet music which means it may not always be correct. The only downside is that you have to pay to download the songs but, if you have a tablet, you are able to see the music without downloading it. One other tip I have for learning to read music is to find sheet music and spend time writing out notes so you get used to seeing them on the scale. I’m excited to see your progress!

  2. Hi Meegan,
    I was able to relate so much to your opening statement about how the “want to be able to play piano” is so different from the “wanting to practice”. I was in piano lessons when I was 8 and quit a year later. I can still play some songs today, however, I can no longer read sheet music. I admire how you are willing to pick up where you left off! The piano is such a beautiful instrument and I can’t wait to see your progress. Good luck!

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