Is Kindergarten too Young?

We have learned so much about what digital citizenship is, and how to create a positive online digital identity. These aspects are so important to bring into the classroom as early as possible. By teaching students young about online participation, and how to be mindful and respectful online, it will give them the tools to make the decisions they want. 

In the grade 2 Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum students are supposed to learn about others thoughts, feelings and well-being (USC2.1). This outcome can teach towards digital identities, and digital citizenship. Teaching students how to be respectful of other thoughts and feelings in person, as well as online could have more impact on minimizing cyber bullying.  This is just one example of how it can be brought into the classroom, and how I plan to bring it into my classroom.

I think students should always be taught about digital identify, however in a meaningful way. If students do not understand what they are learning or how it is impactful for them it will not be beneficial for them. For example, in Kindergarten, students should be taught about how to be respectful when using apps like See-Saw. Although they will not understand digital citizenship, teaching them these small starting blocks will allow them to be more receptive to bigger ideas around digital identity when its more meaningful for them.

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