What Can You Find?

The term ‘cyber-sleuthing’ is something I had never heard before. I have heard many people talk about ‘creeping’ people online or ‘stalking’ people online but it was interesting to know the actual term for this. 

While cyber sleuthing my classmate Rachel, I realized it is a lot harder to look information up about someone you do not know anything about. Although I know Rachels first and last name, finding information online was tough because I was not sure who she actually was making it tough to pick out her information. From what I think I found, I believe Rachels birthday is August 19th, however from all her private accounts this was all I could find. 

It is interesting to see what my classmates found out about me. As someone who posts on social media a very small amount, all my accounts are very private. Although the information that Lochlin pulled about me was correct, most of it was could be pulled from my public blog for school. Aspects in this blog are all important aspects of my life however the points that Lochlin found are directly related to me teaching journey, which in fact most of my friends would not know. 

I think this relates to the  discussions in class when we talked about the idea of having two identities, or displaying ones self-different on different platforms or in real life. The idea talked about in the article Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think is something I can relate with as my blog is more targeted towards education. On my personal Facebook I am more connected with my family, and often share different things on there compared to other platforms like Instagram. I think it is important to remember that no matter who your platforms are targeted too, they can be reached by anyone in the long run.

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