Class Collaboration

Collaborating and working with classmates is an important aspect of being a teacher. Throughout the semester in EDTC 300 there were several opportunities to connect with classmates. Two ways I chose to connect and support classmates was in class conversations as well as on each others blogs.

Class conversations were a big part of EDTC 300, and I offered my opinions, ideas and knowledge to my classmates where appropriate and applicable. In break out room meetings I was engaged with conversations to benefit and support the learning of my classmates.

In our blog hub I offered words of encouragement, and curiosity on classmates blogs. As I engaged with the contented they presented from class, as well as their experience with the learning project, I attempted to offer meaningful comments. I did find when commenting some comments connected to my blog, some to my old blog, and other comments linked anonymously.

A few examples include the comments I made on Rachels Learning Project 3 post, Yohan’s post regarding Internship, Jordans post, and Olivia’s post.

The collaboration aspect of this class made learning more meaningful. Connecting and building relationships with peers is an essential part of being a teacher, and being able to communicate in a respectful way is an important skill.

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