Last Week

Last week I talked about the frustration I felt and I really wanted to enjoy piano for the rest of my Learning Project. I made a goal to play a little bit of piano every time I walked by the piano. As it’s on the way to my room this is quite often, and although sometimes I would just play a few notes, I found it more enjoying to play just for fun. Without thinking about how well I’m playing I definitely found more enjoyment in playing and practicing. 

This week I discovered a few new online tools that will further aid in my learning. The first website, Piano Keyboard Guide, offered free lessons, including videos. As I went through all the lessons provided I gained a better understanding of how to play. This site went over some of the basics I had already learned, like hand positioning and note lettering. It was very helpful to have more information on the rest and pause notes that take place in piano from this source as this is something I found that I struggled on in the previous weeks. The website also got into more tough concepts like the inversion of triads which I still don’t really fully understand. 

Although sometimes not the easier to navigate I also found Zebra Keys helpful. This website offered sheet music, as well as information on keys for each piece. This helped me to explore different playing options and try out new songs.

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