LUMI# Module 1:- Differentiate between living and non-living things

LUMI provides intuitive tools to help for stay on track and implement different questions such as multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true/false, and so many others. In this module, basic information is provided about living and nonliving things which helps the learners of grade 1 to build more interest in science.

Here is the YouTube video that will be helpful for kids.

For my interactive LUMI  lesson, I choose a YouTube video around 3:36 minutes  in which plenty of examples are given that showing the difference of living and non living things. Grade 1 students really enjoying this video and I mention some questions on this video that helps the kids to rethinking the things again.  Here is the link, please open this

To explain more about the living and non living things, I create a worksheet for grade 1 students  and for doing this assignment kids can be easily able to differentiate between  living and non living thing. The worksheet contains total 10 marks in which 4 are multiple choice questions, 3 are fill in the blanks and remaining 3 marks for the activity in they find two living and non-living things in their surroundings and draw them on the scrapbook.

Here is the link of Worksheet:-   :-

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  1. Hi Taranpreet! I wasn’t able to open your links unfortunately, however the video you describe and worksheet sound really interesting for that age group. I can see that the video would probably capture their attention well, and the interactions would help reinforce their learning.

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