My Glimpses of knowledge

This course expands the horizon of my learning towards the online learning process. From this entire course, I learned several things that would be beneficial for me in my whole teaching career. Thanks, Katia for effectively organizing the course outline. The overall journey is too exciting for me.

Welcome to my Summary of Learning. Hope, you all enjoying….

2 thoughts on “My Glimpses of knowledge”

  1. Great summary Taranpreet. What a great idea to share ideas on Canva! I agree with your comments about getting feedback, such a good learning opportunity.

  2. Your presentation looks great! I see Canva has been a great tool for the summaries of learning – I hope to use it more in the future. I agree that ADDIE is a great tool to ensure the learners’ needs are met. Creating a blog was new for me as well, and it took awhile before I was comfortable posting. But you have excellent points – it’s a wonderful way to organize our own thoughts. Google Classroom and Canvas both seem to be very popular with our class, and for good reason. I’ve heard great things about Kahoot as well, both from educators and my own kids. Thank you for sharing!

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