Final Course Prototype

Welcome to my final course prototype on understanding the difference between living and non-living things in Grade 1! Have you ever wondered why a tree is considered alive, while a rock is not? These questions might seem simple, but they open up a fascinating world of biology and science. In this course, I will explore the characteristics that define living organisms and distinguish them from non-living objects.  In my course prototype, I use everyday examples and engaging activities in which the kids show involvement. Here is the YouTube video of my course walkthrough:-



4 thoughts on “Final Course Prototype”

  1. Hi again! A few more comments, now that I have more time….I think the examples you provided are great to illustrate the differences between living and non-living things. They are examples that grade 1 kids should understand (as far as I can tell). It’s great as well that the online content could be supplemented with field trips and group work. Do you envision that kids would do the online part in the classroom, with help from the teacher when needed for reading and technical support? Or were you thinking of online teaching as was done during COVID, where the kids are at home getting help from their parents? Good work!

    1. Hi Lauren
      Thanks for sharing your views. Yes, exactly. Online teaching during COVID-19 often involved students learning from home with the support of their parents. This method required a significant adjustment for both students and educators, as it shifted the learning environment from the traditional classroom to online learning.

  2. You have presented simple chapter in a very creative way. I liked the activities that you have included in your course prototype like making scarp books . I feel this will be helpful for kids to retain their learning for the long time.

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