Field Experience In Review

Over the course of this semester I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge to the classroom. By the end of this semester I will have spent 7 half days in a grade 1/2 split classroom and I must say this has been very eye-opening. Each day my cooperating teacher never fails to inspire me as she effortlessly deals with students who refuse to do their work and kindly disapproves of unacceptable behaviour while still keeping order in the classroom.¬† She is very organized and has a classroom full of bright and vibrant images and colours. Her walls are covered in the students’ work and baskets are over-flowing with books of different reading levels. She greets each student with a welcoming smile and encourages them to be the best they can be. She is truly amazing and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. I hope that I cherish and remember the spark I have seen within each of the students in my classroom. I hope to see this¬† same spark and love of learning in each student I teach. If I come across a student whose spark seems to be fading, my hope is that I can find a way to bring a smile to their face and reveal to them the happiness and excitement that learning can bring. This spark must be preserved at all costs.

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