Residential Schools

Residential schools are without a doubt a dark part of Canada’s past. Indigenous children were taken from their homes and forced to leave their families, tradition, and culture behind. This resulted in sickness, disease, and many deaths. Unmarked graves from Residential Schools are still being discovered today and many families still are unsure of how or why relatives of theirs never returned home. For one of our course modules we were asked to compile a visual representation to go along with what we had learned about Residential Schools. I have posted my visual representation project which is a page that consists of quotes, statements, words, and feelings that were used to describe what Residential School was like by survivors.┬áSome of the more impactful quotes in my opinion were: “Residential School interrupted a way of life” “I know that it is totally impossible, but I would give anything if I could turn the clock back” “The memories in that moment are still painful” “Kill the Indian inside of the child” “Your innocence is injured”

There are many more on the page but these are just a few of the ones that really stood out me.


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