Figuring out what I was going to do  for my learning project was not easy.  There are lots of things I’m interested in learning more about but wasn’t able to find online resources for them very easily. So, I’ve finally settled on construction/woodworking with the end goal being making a bed frame and cubbies for a 1968 Ford Econoline van my dad and sister have been working on. She is converting it into a camper van and I will be doing the bed for it. I have some basic construction skills from taking BCT (Basic Construction Techniques) in high school. I also help my dad and Grandpa when they are working on a building project. So I know how to safely use tools, how to make a plan and how to follow it.

A lot of my learning for this will come from videos, wood working sites that do more detailed plans and on the job learning from my dad. I’m sure there will be some mistakes but my dads motto is “It’s only wood…you can do it again”.


  • Measure area where bed frame will be going
  • Work with my sister to come up with design she likes (looking at videos of other camper builds/pintrest)
  • draw out plan for the build (what type of wood is best/appropriate hardware)
  • cut, build and adjust

The plan seems simple but because we are working in a small, irregular space and have to use the space the best way possible, it will take some time.

I’m hoping the end result looks like the picture she has in her mind.