This week was spent mostly on the computer, looking at videos and pictures on how to build a bed frame.  In reality a bed frame is a .  However after watching videos I realized that it would also need cross support to prevent the mattress from falling through on the sides.


Bed Frame

Since storage needs to be included in the design, the underneath of the bed needs to allow enough room for drawers.  This part of the build wont happen until closer to the end but we need to know what size we want the rollout storage so that we space the legs the right distance apart.

My sister hasn’t settled on how she wants this to look exactly, so that my goal for next week is to go over ideas with her so that I can start making my rough sketch.  I know she likes things very clean and organized so I expect that the bed and storage boxes will not be to extravagant.  I’ve looked at some ideas and will show her some things I think she should pick.