This week, there was only small progress made on the van bed.  With leaves starting to fall and the weather getting cooler, a lot of the weekend was spent cleaning up the yard and bringing the boat, seadoos and dock out of the water.  It may have been sunny but the water wasn’t warm!

Since I had drawn up a plan and materials list, knowing what I needed to buy was the easy part.  Materials were purchased at Lowes because I expected there would be a better selection of wood, and hopefully a better price, at a larger box store.  When picking wood it’s important that you find pieces that aren’t warped, too wet or too dry, and don’t have many knots.  If its too wet, when it dries it shrinks a little which can cause gaps.  Too dry and it can split when drilling/screwing it together.  Warped boards make it hard to make everything square.



My job this week was to unload the lumber and start measuring for the cuts.  Measurements need to be precise so that you end up with well fitting joints and a neat finished product.  Therefore, it’s important that you measure twice and only cut once!