Today I cut the wood for my project for my bed project for my sisters van.  I used the table saw to cut the 2X10’s.  Please forgive me for no guard on the table saw.  It’s my dad’s and as a gen x hes’s not very safety conscious.  The 2X10’s were cut in 52″ length which is the width of a double bed.  I have modified the plan slightly to make it more versatile.  I wanted it to be able to be easily installed and removed.  Additionally the change also served to make the frame lighter, which is important when putting it in a vehicle.

The 2X4’s are cut to provide support length wise of the bed and to ensure their strength.  They are placed in notches cut out of the 2X10.  This required me to also use the circular saw to cut out the notches and the chisel to clean them out