Closing in on the completion on the bed frame I made.  Todays task was to cut the plywood for the top of the frame.  This will provide a flat surface for the mattress to lay on and provide extra structural support for the frame.  The shape of the van made for challenges as the front end measured 66″ and half  way through the bed was 65″ and the back side by the doors was 62″.  Because a double bed is 54″ wide, I elected to cut the plywood in two equal width’s of 26″.  The smaller pieces also made it easier to handle when placing in the van.  For the cuts, I once again used the skill saw as I find it easier to use then the table saw based on the sheer size of the plywood.








Before I got to far ahead with this project I wanted to confirm not only the specifications in terms of door opening sizes, width’s, etc.  For this I went online and found the information from Dezo’s Garage.