The year is over and its time to reflect on how I have contributed to not only my learning but others.


With this being an online course and the focus being on using digital technology, obviously most of the learning was done through those platforms. From my perspective, I was exposed to a number of different apps or tools that can be used to create different digital projects. I first focused on using Google Slides and Goggle Docs especially in my other classes since there is so much group work in Education classes. Using these allowed us to works on shared projects from home and decreased the need to have in person meetings. This was especially helpful since I live an hour outside the city.


When we moved into lesson and unit planning in my other courses, I forced myself to learn how to use Canva which I was introduced to on here. I say this because I’m a reluctant learner where technology is concerned. In high school, I took a class that taught us how to use Microsoft products like Word , Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher, and I’ve been making that work for me ever since. However, there are lots of features of Canva that I really like and I find it very easy to use. I’ve created worksheets, videos and exit slips.

During the course I found the information on digital citizenship and digital literacy to be interesting. I think many of us think we are savvy when it comes to our online presence. We make our social media accounts private but don’t consider that our friends may be more active on social media and we show up in their posts.

When I look at how I have helped others during the course, I would have to say it has primarily been through interactions during class or on blog posts. Most often, it was offering words of encouragement or finding something I could relate to. During breakout rooms during class I participated in discussions and contributed ideas.


When looking at blogs, I often found myself reading what others had to say and deciding if we had similar ideas or if they said something that varied from what I thought. Most of my comments were on peoples learning blogs and I did reply to some of the comments made on mine. Here are a just a few of them as like we’ve seen from lots of others, some of my comments were recorded as a guest and some I don’t remember who I commented on and can’t find them out of all the blog posts. 


My contribution on Twitter varied. At the start of the course, I was primarily a spectator. I scrolled through the newsfeed, saw some of the suggestions it gave me and started following some of them along with some of my classmates. Even after I had a more specific newsfeed, I still found myself mostly reading other peoples tweets, occasionally retweeting something I found interesting and liking posts that I had seen. It wasn’t until later in the semester that I started to send out some of my own tweets about things that were happening during my field work or things that I could use in my future classroom.

As someone who uses digital media and technology minimally, as difficult as it often was, I feel I have made progress on using it in the context of learning and education. However, I don’t know if it will ever be that big of a presence in my personal life.