This flower has bloomed!

This flower has bloomed!

All good things come to an end. We are here for a good time….not a long time….but it did feel kind of long right? Wasn’t it actually forever ago that we were just diving into this learning project? Now,  here we are at the end. What a journey! I have made it no secret that technology is not my strong suit. I have enough knowledge to get by….but not enough to look like a tech rock star! Even after this course, I don’t think I have earned my Master title, but I can’t say I didn’t step outside my comfort zone. Here are my biggest takeaways.

  1. Blogs are not for me. While I can say that I have now learned to create one, I can’t say that I loved it enough to create another. 
  2. I experimented with a LOT of new things- Coding, video editing, Canva etc. I actually use Canva almost daily now! 
  3. My creative side was in full force. Even though I didn’t actually make a ton of floral arrangements, I was thinking creatively about how to step out of my own personal comfort level to explore a way to technologically share my resources and learning.
  4. I wish that this project had been a shorter term. I totally lost interest by week 5 and I shared my feelings on that here. 

I did pull myself together and make some additional attempts to gather resources and engage with my chosen activity. I realized through this that learning something solely through technological sources does not work for me. I am a very hands on and visual learner, so watching youtube tutorials or step by step videos is effective, but I also need some old school additions, like a good old in person class. I am also very social, so I am really motivated to learn something like this alongside a friend….and probably with wine. Make a social occasion of it!

Going into this project, I was actually very curious about bloggers. I was impressed by their presentations and now I can say I got a taste of that. Even though it is not for me, I can understand how some may use the platform to share their personal or professional journeys. I also can appreciate the work and effort that goes into maintaining one. 

I am proud of what I produced here and of the honesty in my journey. I am glad I had the opportunity to explore the creation of a blog and to view the blogs of my peers. I know that I am still interested in floral arranging, and I will continue to grow this interest. But, for now…I say goodbye. Thanks for following along!

Oh! And, I almost forgot!  I ended up making one last arrangement. I totally walked by this existing decor piece and thought, “Hey! I think I can add a feature to festive this up!”

And that is exactly what I did. Great way to cap off this project! Merry Christmas everyone!

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