This is me!

This is me!

Hello followers! My name is Kaelyn Turberfield and I am an Early Years Educator in Moose Jaw SK. I am currently teaching Grade 1 half time (Momming for the other half of my time) and I am so excited to be part of a Playful Pilot alongside some amazing colleagues. I completed my Masters in Education in 2016, and that is really where my love for play-based learning truly sparked. We all have an innate desire to play and students learn best when they are having fun. I don’t know about you, but sitting in a desk all day completing endless booklets, reading through text books or memorizing flashcards does NOT sound like fun to me! Being able to meet Saskatchewan curriculum standards using play, with a team of educators that I can collaborate with, has just been so amazing!


I also am very passionate about teaching Engaged Citizenship. A few years ago I was a Catalyst Teacher exploring the Concentus resource and I have been using it ever since to help my students to connect to their world and be good humans! I approach my students using a Responsibility-Centered Discipline Approach. I have always believed it important to empower my students to make good choices. Punishing students is a teacher power trip. Discipline requires students to reflect on their choices in an effort to do better next time. I’ve been lucky enough to attend some online training sessions with Larry Thompson. Check out this video to learn more and also visit the website. Our children need more compassion and trust in that they are capable and competent beings!

Outside the classroom, my husband (who is also an educator. He is the Principal of Vanier Collegiate), and I chase after three little ones of our own. Rylee started grade 1 this year and she is in one of our Playful Pilot classrooms! She comes home everyday joyful and excited to learn! Our son Jett is 4 and he is all about saving the world, one superhero costume at a time. Rowan (Our little Row-Boat) is 18th months and full of fire! She is independent, curious, goofy, and she makes us both laugh and pull our hair out! We love to camp and be outdoors. We enjoy traveling, reading, watching movies, and cooking together!

5 thoughts on “This is me!

  1. Hi Kaelyn! Nice to know someone is so close to me, since i am in caronport, sk. thoroughly enjoy this resource you have provided for making students good humans. I will be following that!

  2. Hi Kaelyn,
    I can see how happy you are, working with the students. In fact, as you said, the kids learn mostly while playing. But, it is a beat complicate trying to replicate this with high school students. Nevertheless, I try other ways to engage them. Hope to read you again!

  3. I love that you mentioned high school. I am trying to learn all I can about how to integrate play into classrooms with these taller children ? I see a place for it though! Card games and games of
    strategy in Math, building challenges for Physics, Sensory activities in science, inquiry projects, collaboration! I bet the students would have a ton of ideas. I’m big on including their thoughts and opinions whenever I can. Bravo to you for being curious and thinking of ways to engage!

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