About Me

My name is Yiquan Dong and you can call me Kristen if you like. I am working to complete my first year of Secondary English Education with a minor in Instrumental Education.

Hello! My name is Yiquan Dong. I am working to complete my bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education with a minor in General Music Education.

I am an animal person. I have a dog whose name is Pickle. Animals are easy to get along with. I am a volunteer at the animal protection center in my hometown. It aims at helping those stray dogs and cats. Every weekend, I will spend at least half a day cleaning up animals’ houses with other volunteers. It is hard work but I think it’s rewarding when everything is done and we soak up the sun with a bunch of friendly dogs on the grass. 

I enroll as a member of the Education faculty because I think the teacher plays an important role in shaping society. I have always been interested in education. When I was young, I was into being a teacher of my toys. I haven’t met my ideal teacher during my schooling. I want to be a teacher who can bring out the best in every student in a progressive way.

Me and Pickle, taken by my father near the east lake