Summary of Personal Learning

A screenshot of my artifact

I summarize my learning by making an interactive video on H5P. Here is the link to my artifact:

In the summary, I autobiographically discuss my learning when I play the roles of a student and a teacher. The bookmarks in my interactive video serve as an outline of my presentation. I first talk about the importance for educators to learn Education Technology. Then, I move my focus to my learning as a student. After that, I move my focus to my learning as an educator. In the end, I discuss how this class inspires my teaching of education technology and digital citizenship in my future classroom.

As a student, I learned:

  • Different online platforms and useable software
  • The evolvement of the digital world
  • The challenges in the digital world
  • The definition of digital citizenship
  • A little bit of coding and programming
  • How to become a digitally literate citizen
  • What is my digital identity

As an educator, I learned:

  • The importance of teaching digital citizenship in school
  • The aspects I should focus on when I teach Education Technology
  • The strategies I can use when I teach Education Technology
  • The importance for teachers to keep positive online/public profiles

In sum, I placed myself in the position of a student in this class; I saw my professor as a teacher who I should learn from. In my future classroom (probably the ones in high school), I will teach EdTech in a way as Katia does.

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  1. Hi Yiquan, I liked your summary of learning in this video. Also how you differentiated your learning as a student or as an educator. All the best.

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