Summary of Learning: EC&I 834

So that concludes another course, Thank you to everyone who helped me learn throughout this short semester, Here is a recap of everything I learned during the course of the semester! Let’s go on a journey to investigate the transforming influence of these learning approaches, powered by various LMS systems, and the myriad of benefits they provide to learners all over the world. Studying in online and blended learning has been a rewarding experience, providing me with a variety of valuable skills and perspectives. Through these classes, I improved my digital literacy, becoming skilled at navigating numerous online platforms and successfully utilizing digital technologies. Because of the adaptability of these learning environments, I’ve developed exceptional time management skills, allowing me to balance my education with other commitments. Furthermore, the emphasis on self-directed learning has enabled me to take responsibility for my education, set clear goals, and independently examine course materials, building critical thinking abilities. Collaborating with peers from various backgrounds has broadened my perspective and enhanced my virtual communication abilities. Overall, the combination of technology-driven education and face-to-face contact has given me a well-rounded education.

As we near the end of our semester in online and blended learning courses via various LMS systems, it becomes clear that these digital tools have revolutionized education in unprecedented ways. In this technologically advanced era, online and blended learning, complemented by a variety of LMS platforms, have allowed learners all over the world to take care of their education, encouraging self-directed learning and developing critical skills for the future. Thank you for teaching this course, Katia! You taught me so much


Here is the link to the video of my summary of learning


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