Exploring ChatGPT: A Future Teacher’s Journey with AI in Education

June 19, 2024 3 By Brodie Ziegler

As we all know, AI has become a very popular tool and has captured widespread attention. I decided to explore ChatGPT as it is the most popular AI tool that I hear about. ChatGPT can generate text, have natural conversations and quite honestly answer any questions you may have. It is a fascinating tool and after exploring it for a little while, I believe that it could enhance teaching and learning experiences in so many ways.

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Enhancing Teaching with ChatGPT

This tool can be a tremendous help for personalized learning. As a future educator, I realize that teachers can use this AI tool to create personalized lesson plans that can benefit individual students needs. Having the access to this type of adaptability ensures for a more inclusive learning environment. Another way that ChatGPT enhances teaching is that it can grade multiple-choice quizzes and provide feedback instantly for students. If teachers have these administrative tasks off their plates, it provides more time to focus on interactive and meaningful classroom activities. Finally, this AI tool can be used to engage students. Teachers ca put assignments into ChatGPT to gain new ideas on how to make them more exciting and interactive. Students can interact with the AI to explore different viewpoints and deepen their understanding of complex topics.

ChatGPT – Supporting Different Learning Styles

  • Visual learners: the AI can help to create detailed descriptions and narratives that help visualize the concepts being taught.
  • Auditory learners: ChatGPT is capable of generating scripts for role-playing activities or debates.
  • Kinesthetic learners: engaging with interactive simulations facilitated by the AI, allowing the students to learn through a hands-on experience.

Critical Thinking & Assessing Students Learning

ChatGPT can encourage students to use critical thinking and creativity. The AI will give broad and open-ended questions which will make students think deeply about their answers. ChatGPT encourages creativity by allowing the students to brainstorm ideas for different projects. Next, this AI tool can be used to assess students learning. Formative assessments can be done by generating short answer questions or quizzes that will test the students comprehension skills. ChatGPT is a great tool for instant feedback and students can use it to help them with improvements on assignments.

Challenges of AI

Although AI tools can be very beneficial within the classroom, it also comes with challenges. One major issue is plagiarism. It is one thing to get ideas and feedback from an AI tool but using it to generate entire assignments can lead to academic misconduct. Ensuring students understand the importance of original work is an essential topic when bringing tools like ChatGPT into the classroom.

Personal Perspective…

As a future educator, I believe that AI tools like ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionize education. These tools offer unique opportunities for personalized learning, efficiency and engagement. It is crucial that teachers and students use AI thoughtfully and ethically. When I look into my future classroom, I can see AI tools being utilized. With the advancements we have already seen, it is inevitable that these tools will continue to grow. In conclusion, ChatGPT and other AI tools will be game-changers in education, benefiting both students and teachers when used wisely.


A Short Overview Explaining ChatGPT