Journey Towards Reconciliation

My journey toward reconciliation is only beginning and will continue as I become a future educator. My aesthetic representation symbolizes this feeling. I chose to do a piece that represents both my future and where I am right now. At the heart of my creation stands a tipi, a tribute to the profound impact that my experience in the tipi at the U of R has had on my personal and educational odyssey. The people sitting in front of the tipi are a representation of my envisioned role as a future educator. I want the younger generation to embrace the cultural significance of the tipi. Next, I chose to put symbols and words all around the tipi which have strengthened my path toward  reconciliation. The tree, which symbolizes growth, reflects my efforts to understand and embrace Indigenous culture. The heart represents love, love promotes open and honest communication. Effective communication is necessary to express feelings, finding common grounds and clarifying misunderstandings. The cluster of carefully chosen words, including, obedience, happiness, faith, protection, understanding, culture, history, kinship and humble, forms a constellation of values that guides my personal evolution. Each of these words are a stepping stone along my path. As I embark on this journey, I will continue to grow my understanding, respect, and commitment towards reconciliation.