Tipi Teaching

Tipi Teachings by Cree Elder Mary Lee

As an ECS 101 seminar group we were honored to have the experience of watching and learning about Cree Elder Mary Lee’s tipi teachings in which she shares the tipi teachings that have been passed on to her from her mother and other teachers with whom she has learned during her lifetime. After we watched the video, we were able to go to the tipi classroom on campus as a group and share our thoughts with one another. I am so happy that I got to have this learning experience. Below I am going to list some of the teachings that stood out to me.

(Picture is of the tipi classroom on campus)

➼ Respect: respect yourself and others

➼ Humble: everyone is equal, honor all people and things

➼ Love: love is sacred, creates many things

➼ Thankfulness: be thankful for everything

➼ Strength: having the strength to say no, having self-discipline

➼ Kinship: family, connection to other people

➼ Faith: honor other people’s beliefs

➼ Cleanliness: always greet people equally