Project Update – Video Edition!

I was gearing myself up to write a blog update about my project, but just wasn’t feeling the writing part of it… so I tried something totally new to me and made an update using Screencastify! I actually filmed this a week ago, but then had some trouble with the size of the video, lollygagged at figuring that out, and finally decided to just upload it onto YouTube and share the link. So not only did I figure out Screencastify, I have now officially uploaded my first YouTube video! There is nothing fancy going on with this, but I am pretty excited to have successfully tried two new tools!

In it the video, I talk about making better use of the Google tools available to me as part of my Major Project – I rushed a bit because I was worried about the 5 minute time limit, but here it is! Also… any Google Earth guru’s out there?! I’m open to tips on how to use it!

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  1. Kelly Ziegler says: Reply

    Great job branching out and doing something totally different for you. Creating videos is definitely one of my weaknesses, and I always struggle to make them. Yours looks so great though! I love how you used a commonly known game to reinforce content with your class. Did they love it? I feel as if I would have loved it in high school, and it would have been a good way to remember what we may have learned! 🙂

    1. Holly Alexander says: Reply

      Thanks! It’s a pretty simple video, but I was pleased that I was able to figure it out without any issues. Yes, students loved both games – anything competitive will get them to buy in!

  2. Love the idea to do a video update rather than typing everything out, Holly! You are so easy and engaging to listen to. I enjoyed hearing what you thought of the different G Suite tools. There are so many amazing tools out there for teachers, it is such a shame that they go unused because teachers aren’t given the training on how to utilize them to their fullest potential. It looks like you have taken on trying out these new tech tools with an open heart and mind, and I am sure your students are loving all of the new opportunities to learn or share what they know in different ways. Kudos to you! Your Major Project is looking excellent!

    1. Holly Alexander says: Reply

      Thanks, Kara! I have actually really enjoyed trying these tools out, although some of them were crash and burn lessons!

  3. This is great Holly, look at you go girl! Have you presented the lesson yet? A great addition to your project would be to include student reaction and evaluation!

    1. Holly Alexander says: Reply

      Great idea, I have gotten a lot of informal feedback, but maybe I will try to get a few pieces of feedback done a bit more formally.

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